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Luke Tudor Griffiths is a lead product designer for The Financial Times and an art-director of an independent magazine called Accent. I studied graphic design at The University of Brighton and visual communication at The Royal College of Art.

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Accent Issue 2

Character development

Each story in this issue has it’s own identity — crafted by analysing the character of each story, reflecting these by moulding together a number of pre-existing typefaces. Our subjects varied from the eccentric Andrew Logan, to the more dichotomous Lucia Lucas — who mixes bold confidence with a muted gentility. The urban cowboys, who are more distant in their presence, were represented in a more traditional profile layout, from which two characters can sit and bounce off one another within one story.


The predominant focus of issue two was to create a confident, more mature layout for the magazine. It would become accessible to a wider audience through the use of tight columns and a strong grid. Each story would be planned with both editorial and art-direction in mind from an earlier stage, so as to blur the lines between the two disciplines.

Accent is interested in words as well as photos – it speaks volumes through its typographic treatments.

Madeleine Morley, MagCulture


We also looked at process of production — how we edit images, how we get the columns to fit and how to get submissions in with enough time to develop the design. For the imaging we worked with Signe Emma from Denmark, who helped to correct our colours and bring a more consistent tone to the post production throughout the issue. Our sub editor sat alongside me to add and cut words so as to get good column lengths and fuller pages — much like the process in larger organisations. This allowed the publication to become much more crafted.

The final, and most intense, production week took place in a hot barn in the South of France, with lots of coffee, whilst Madonna and Prince played on repeat for our montage scene. We would take breaks by playing ping pong and swimming in a nearby pool.

Issue two launched in London in late 2016 at The Society Club in Shoreditch.

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Editors: Lucy Nurnberg & Lydia Garnett
Art direction: Luke Tudor Griffiths
Sub Editor: Helen Lawson
Retouching: Signe Emma and Kevin Templeman (Generation Press)
Print production: Generation Press

Shortlisted for Stack Magazine Art Director of the Year and Best use of Photography Magazine of the Week on Mag Culture
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