In 2018 the FT partnered with Qualtrics to have one solution for conducting research and surveys online. The reason for this move was the result of many areas of the business paying for an array of different research tools, all with their own ways of measuring. The move would bring consistency and savings in the time and money that it used to take to interpret these findings. I made an onsite mechanism to collect users thoughts. 

We will still be conducting face to face interviews with our customers as part of our qualitative research. I worked with the team to create an onsite mechanic and with Qualtrics directly to make sure we have a consistent brand within their ecosystem too.

A simple solution that allows the user to rate their experience based on an ease of use question. Ease of use was of particular focus, as we had found an issue that users were often referring to the content of the product, as opposed to the product itself.

Upon rating the ease of use of the product, the user has an opportunity to clarify the rating they gave in a text field. Once they have submitted they receive a message to acknowledge their response and these are recorded and reviewed by the research team.

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