Edition: 500

Art direction; Commissioning texts from existing project participants and carefully selected new authors; Editorial – Produced in collaboration with Teal Triggs and Stephen Kirk.

Contributions written and otherwise
Chrysso Cosmas; Ed Gillespie; Luke Tudor Griffiths; Ben Harvey; David Hedberg; Elizabeth Holdsworth; Stephen Kirk; Melissa Kim; Suhee Kim; Zigmunds Lapsa; Charlotte-Maëva Perret; Elizabeth Riggan; Jacob Robinson; Bethany Shepherd; Tom Simmons; Teal Triggs; Greg Votolato; Boo Wallin; Lilian Berglund Wallin; Cecilia Wee; Jeff Willis; Cerys Wilson

Four colour offset with foil blocked slipcase
127 x 196 mm

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Since its foundation in 1967, the Hyundai Motor Company has produced competitive vehicles within the global automotive market. Hyundai approached the RCA to engage in a unique collaboration of ‘open innovation activity’ with its communication experts, to bring new thinking to its goal to become the world’s ‘most loved’ automotive brand.

Hyundai are a forward-thinking company – they combine technological progress with human experience, and promise to create products that will help consumers share ‘precious moments’, ‘enrich our lives’ and create ‘clean mobility technologies’ for the future. They believe that change comes from innovative thinking, and that these enlightened moments can come equally from fresh approaches by outsiders or experienced employees. In this context they were open to creative RCA staff and students providing ideas to move Hyundai towards becoming a favourite consumer brand, and they got what they came for.

Seokhoon Kang, Director of the Market Insight Group at the Hyundai Motor Company explained: ‘We went to the Royal College of Art in London to meet the most creative students in the world… from which emerged a daunting number of challenging questions about cars and mobility. The project team made an unexpected suggestion: to shift the focus of the project towards a broader perception or notion of the car from that of merely developing new marketing messages.’

The RCA understands that the new attitude of openness between the ‘art school’ and businesses can provide resources for innovation, creativity, applied design thinking and new kinds of learning experiences for both partners, and it is this complex engagement between global art and industry that sparked the publication The Horse is Dead, Long Live the Horse, which is the outcome of this collaboration.

The book is cut in the centre with a proposal to Hyundai from Bethany Shepherd and Cerys Wilson

A photograph by Jacob Robinson from our trip to Scotland undertaken for the book

A spread from Driving in Gurgaon by Teal Triggs featuring a photograph from her trip to India

Footnote design featuring Teal Triggs' references

A spread taken from Zigmund Lapsa's piece featuring Turbo chewing gum wrappers

Top ten most popular car colours according to Forbes taken from David Hedberg's Colourbinding

A spread from David Hedberg's Colourbinding

Slipcase signed by the contributors

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