Art direction; design

Screen-print on MDF board
594 x 841 mm

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A copy of this poster is held in the Colour Reference Library at the Royal College of art.

Friday 28 February 2014
Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre (LT3)
Battersea Campus
Convened by Martina Margetts, Jonathan Miles & Juliet Ash

Words & Non-Words
Wittgenstein's view that ‘Whereof we cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent’ is confounded by the articulacy of multiple creative languages. This day explores how different registers of ‘speaking’ are used by eminent creators of art, architecture, design, writing, performance and film and how your experience and viewpoint maps onto theirs through active particpation in discussion. There will also be a performance writing workshop on the day

10–11am Grayson Perry - artist, writer, curator, broadcaster - Putting Art into Words. Grayson Perry will reflect on his recent Reith Lectures and participate in open debate on ideas and issues in his writings and art practice.

11–12.30 Carol Mavor - Professor of Art History and Visual Studies, University of Manchester - An analysis and screening of Chris Marker’s La Jetee (28min,1962) , the seminal film structuring time, image, text, imagination;this is the film Victor Burgin calls ‘the definitive representation of the film essay genre’.

2–3pm Richard Rogers and Deyan Sudjic – the renowned architect and the Director of the Design Museum - In conversation on how politics and social engagement are articulated through architecture, design and writing.

3pm Alison Fell workshop – award-winning novelist, poet and teacher of creative writing - A performance writing workshop: exploring writing and creative practices.
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