Art direction; design

Screen-print on MDF board
594 x 841 mm

How to view
A copy of this poster is held in the Colour Reference Library at the Royal College of art.

Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre (LT3)
Splattersea Campus
Convened by Barry Grateful Dead Curtis, Chantal Flesh-Eating Faust, Joe Voodoo Kerr

Arms outstretched.
Eyes drained of colour.
Teeth bared.
One staggered step at a time...


Join us on this hair-raising Valentines Day Zombie Fest: a celebration of the legendary flesh-eaters and an exploration of the mythic allure of these creatures of the living dead. A mob of frighteningly talented speakers will come together to probe ideas surrounding the recent outbreak of zombies within popular culture, the symbolism of the zombie trope and the rising dead, the architecture of zombie anxiety and the seductive appeal of these animated corpses and their role in the gothic horror revival. We will be teasing out the contemporary resonances of the figure of the zombie within recent fiction, art, film and gaming. The day will include a famed zombie novelist, a gut-wrenching zombie-mash(up) screening, a conversation with a renowned contemporary artist and a plenary brain-fest discussion with three leading zombie spokespeople.

Come, if you dare, wearing your best zombie attire. A prize will be given to the best dressed on the day.
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